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Important notice

We comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, international conventions and laws, UN requirements in the field of security, as well as the laws of the countries where we do business. 

We do not work for any government agency. Also we do not do work against the interests of any state.

 However, in cases when we become aware of imminent terrorist attacks and other planned or committed crimes, we act as required by law and inform the authorised government agencies.

 The Peacemaker International Security Centre has the right to work with international and foreign companies and organisations, but does not offer any services which go against Russia’s strategic interests.

 We operate solely on a commercial basis with the aim to protect the legitimate interests of Russian business in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as to protect legal foreign investment in Russia.

 We are not involved in any military conflicts, and we do not advocate on behalf of any of the warring parties.

We do not employ mercenaries.

We do not supply arms.

We condemn and fight against international terrorism and drug trafficking in all its forms and within our competence.

 We work exclusively with the information obtained from public sources. Any conclusions made in our reports are the result of our analytical work and/or are obtained through scenario modelling approach, and any similarity to any data from classified sources is accidental.

 If you become aware of any facts of illegal activity on the part of our employees, you can send us a message by e-mail:

In case your information is confirmed, our employee will be penalised in accordance with Russian law.


Copyright notice

 All rights to the contents of this website are reserved.

In the absence of copyright indications, you may copy such information from our website or re-post it in social networks. In the latter case, for your convenience, we have provided the Like button to ease the copying process.

 All photographs and graphic, analytical, journalistic or other materials published by the staff of the Peacemaker International Security Centre are intellectual property objects.

If you wish to copy them, you need to get a written permission from our Centre by e-mail:

 We do not guarantee the absence of technical and other errors on the site. Neither do we guarantee that the information on this website has any commercial value.

The Peacemaker International Security Centre disclaims any liability arising from improper use, misinterpretation and/or falsification of our findings by visitors of the site.

Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for any financial or other consequences of improper use, misinterpretation or falsification of materials on this site.

 The Peacemaker International Security Centre reserves the right to take legal action if it is deemed necessary to protect its copyrights and other rights resulting from the misuse of its materials.

 If you access and/or use information from the website of the Peacemaker International Security Centre, you automatically accept this user agreement.



Confidentiality notice

 We do not disclose any information about our clients unless it is directly required by law or unless we have permission from our client to do so to the extent specified in the contract.

 In order to protect the information of our clients and to avoid any conflicts of interest, the Peacemaker International Security Centre operates a back office. .

  For a greater objectivity, our international experts, who have experience in military, economic, law enforcement, diplomatic or social fields, prepare analytical reports without knowing the client’s name, unless we have received permission from the client to disclose it to our experts.


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