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Information security

Experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre possess a wide range of capacities in the field of information security.

 We specialise in developing rules, procedures and algorithms in the field of organisational security policy and ІCT security policy for the organisation of our client.

 We put the most emphasis on the organisational methods of information security in our clients’ companies, as well as on the use of technical methods for protecting sensitive information.

 Our policy on information security is based on three principles: confidentiality, comprehensiveness and accessibility.

 The algorithms and procedures we use to protect information take into account social engineering techniques used by intruders to gain unauthorized access to information.

 The following of the information security procedures and algorithms developed by our experts guarantees our clients practical non-occurrence of situations associated with irreversible damage to the information structure or data.

One of our in-house creations is the Sphinx system for informational and technical control of paper documents flow. In 99% of cases (with the exception of the case of psychical capture of the object) the system prevents unauthorized access to all sensitive data (confidential, internal-use-only, commercial) stored on paper and other physical information carriers, as well as eliminates any possibility of loss or unauthorized removal at the hands of third parties.

Furthermore, one of the features of the Sphinx system is the ability to quickly find any required document, even in case of mixing documents as a result of negligence or an emergency evacuation, as well as the ability to check the authenticity of a paper document.

 In the framework of international cooperation, our experts possess the capacity and know-how to protect industrial designs and exported equipment. This eliminates the risks associated with intellectual property theft and production of pirated copies. These technologies are used by the EU to protect the equipment supplied under military-technical cooperation and almost completely eliminate the risk of reverse engineering for the purpose of copying.


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