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Project support

The experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre utilise their experience and their extensive network of contacts in various regions of the world to facilitate different aspects of their customers’ business operations in unstable regions and make the selection of the optimal strategy of development and risk management. 

Our experts can engage in supporting a project to develop our client’s business at any stage of its implementation. 

They can also promptly provide comprehensive support for the whole project or any number of its aspects as required by the client and in cooperation with the client’s personnel, as well as identify the most effective resolution of the problem in the area of international security relations. 

We offer the following services in project support:


Political and administrative support for projects:

 Our experts and consultants, drawing on their local network of contacts, provide our clients with political and business contacts at the regional and local levels and, if necessary, provide the recommendations needed for successful business operations. We also set up the necessary communication with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the protection of the client’s business from local criminal groups.


Legal support for projects:

 Our lawyers and experts organise the operation and coordination of all involved legal groups, including in-house counsels of our client, in the interest of our client and taking into account local and regional legal specifics. We provide representation and protection of our client’s interest in local, regional and international courts.


PR support for projects:

 Our PR professionals have broad international experience and are well familiar with local and regional specifics, customs and traditions. In cooperation with our client’s press service, they ensure professional coverage of our client’s business activities in local media and generate a positive attitude towards our client’s business among the local elites and local population.


HR support for projects:

 Our experts and consultants in cooperation with our client’s HR department perform the necessary procedures for the selection of quality and professional staff from the local population. They check staff loyalty and their criminal records. They also organise the cooperation with local trade unions and implement our own approach to increasing staff loyalty based on sociopsychological and religious features of the local population.

We also conduct staff surveys to identify existing problems or any signs of future trouble. 


IT and technical support for projects:

 Our technicians and experts in the field of information security set up technical infrastructure for the project and ensure client data protection. 


Security support for projects:

 Our experts provide technical, physical and personal security for the personnel, facilities and infrastructure of our clients even in a war zone. They ensure secure transportation of goods and products of our customers. If necessary, they organise safe evacuation of the personnel from riot zones or war zones.


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