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Risk management

The Peacemaker International Security Centre specialises in identifying and preventing risks and threats which companies face in unstable regions of the world. Our experts conduct activities aimed at protecting personnel, equipment, technologies and data of our clients.

 Experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre help businesses and business leaders understand regional peculiarities and formulate their strategic vision of the development of their international business in unstable regions of the world.

Our consultants help companies make the right choices in terms of verification of local partners, preparation of business or official visits, choosing the location for a representative office, and establishing communications with the local authorities and business community.

 When a company is planning an expansion into international markets, especially into the areas of instability, it is important to identify the political, economic, social and cultural risks beforehand, as well as to assess their impact on the operations of the company.

 Developing a list of risks, as well as algorithms and procedures to overcome these risks, which are associated with business expansion in foreign and international markets, provides the necessary competitive advantage and is an essential prerequisite for the conquest of new markets.

 The information which experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre collect from their many sources in different regions of the world and analyse is a reliable tool for strategic decision-making in the development of business and protection of the interests of our clients.


 We offer the following services in risk management:


- Political analysis;

 - Economic analysis;

 - Social analysis;

 - Legal risks analysis;

 - Analysis of business and social contacts;

 - Security analysis;

 - Reputation risks analysis;

 - Eliminating the risk of counterfeiting;

 - Eliminating the risk of theft and copying of technical 

documentation and know-how;

 - Situation monitoring.


We have an extensive professional staff able to collect and process high-quality information on regional issues and on various other topics.

 The information, collected and analysed by experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre, allows us to provide our clients - business owners and executives - with specific and prompt solutions to their concerns.

 With a view to preventing and containing crisis situations, our experts develop the appropriate plans and rules of action in such situations based on the processed information and set objectives.


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