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In the modern world characterised by economic and social instability, rise of organised crime and terrorism, it is impossible to imagine a comprehensive security system that would provide no physical protection of facilities, infrastructure and personnel.

Experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre design and build comprehensive security systems and protect critically important and hazardous industrial objects and public facilities from the threats of unlawful activity, intrusion, attack or terrorism. They provide government and commercial organisations in any part of the world with consultations on the implementation of security measures or development of safety standards.

The Peacemaker International Security Centre is one of the global leaders in the field and has experts and professionals able to develop a comprehensive security plan for large enterprises and public facilities.

Our experts have been repeatedly engaged in unique projects for the protection of infrastructure and facilities. The list of our clients includes the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and other state agencies exposed to high risks, which attests to our reputation and trustworthiness.

Drawing on an analysis of potential risks, the Peacemaker International Security Centre develops a comprehensive plan for the protection of facilities and infrastructure from potential threats associated with the capture, criminal intrusion or terrorist attack on the client’s object.

For the protection of objects and infrastructure from terrorist threats, our Centre employs unique analytical tools and powerful scenario simulation software. These tools and methods can accurately assess the vulnerability of infrastructure in the event of accidents or terrorist bomb attacks.

The personnel of the Peacemaker Centre provide security for over 450 large infrastructure objects.

Our clients include the large retail network X5 Retail Group N.V., hypermarkets Auchan, Real, OBI, and Selgros, supermarket chains BILLA, Dochki & Sinochki, and  New Yorker Rus, and other government, financial, insurance and private industrial enterprises and companies in 37 regions of the country.

Depending on the difficulty of a set objective and its location, experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre can secure your facility and staff in the period from 24 hours to 2 weeks with professional armed guards.

In the event of a crisis, the Peacemaker International Security Centre can provide physical protection for personnel as well as arrange for evacuation from conflict zones, mobilise land, air or sea transport, and organise evacuation teams to lead the evacuation.

Specialists of our Centre develop algorithms for the operation and legal support of private military companies.

Our experts advise and support operations of private military companies in conflict zones and engage these companies to provide security for our clients' businesses in these zones, as well as engage private military companies in peacekeeping and policing operations.


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