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Technical support

In the modern world, the development of an integrated security system is not possible without the use of modern technology and hardware.

 Our centre develops comprehensive projects in the field of technical and information protection of our clients’ facilities and offers delivery and installation of the necessary equipment, personnel training, and equipment maintenance.

 In our work we use equipment of the world leading manufacturers in the field of security.

 We provide consulting, design and delivery of security systems in the following areas:

- Computer systems and networks;

- Fire-fighting equipment and alarm systems;

- Surveillance and access control systems;

- Biometric equipment and identification cards;

- Ventilation and air-conditioning systems;

- Systems for protection against radioactive, chemical and environmental threats;

- Perimeter security systems and systems for the protection of pipelines, power grids and communications networks;

- Passive defence systems

 Furthermore, our experts provide comprehensive services in maintenance of utilities and infrastructure of facilities and buildings of our clients.

 The experts offer our clients to introduce at their enterprises our own Sphinx system for control of paper documents flow. The Sphinx system is designed for recording, storing, and controlling the flow of sensitive paper documents and mandatory accounting documents. 

The Sphinx system practically eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive documents and mandatory accounting documents, copy or theft of sensitive data.

The Sphinx system is one of the most effective tools for protecting technical and financial records and know–how of our clients. The Sphinx system also features the ability to check the authenticity of a paper document to avoid the risk of counterfeiting and forgery. 

In the framework of international cooperation, the experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre in the field of information and technology security offer unique methods for preventing unauthorized copying and reproduction of strategic systems and equipment intended for export which eliminate the risk of reverse engineering for the purpose of copying.


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