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About us

The Peacemaker International Security Centre was created in 2010 as part of the programme of the Federation Council international committee of the Russian Federation in order to create a single integrated security system for Russian businesses operating in the countries of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as to protect legal foreign investment in Russia.



The Peacemaker International Security Centre employs qualified professionals, including former law enforcement officers, military, diplomats, and members of intelligence and counterintelligence community, who have considerable national and international experience and the necessary contacts and information base in many countries around the world.


Particular attention is paid to the legal support of the activities of the Peacemaker International Security Centre, both under international and Russian law and the laws of other host countries.


We conduct our activities in the field of international security relations in line with the concept of securitisation and through the prism of the theory of political constructivism and classical realism. To such extent we consider the security issues in terms of a process in which an actor (government or company) elevates a problem to the level of a security issue.



Basic components of securitisation:


• Actor – an entity that raises a problem;

• Object of securitisation – the object that is being threatened and needs to be protected; 

• Audience – the target of the securitisation act that needs to be persuaded and accept the issue as a security threat.


Securitisation could take place in military, political, economic, social, informational, and environmental sectors.

We specialise in activities related to identification, prevention and response to various risks and threats associated with operations of companies in international markets in countries of high-risk for business. Our experts provide consultations and protection of property, personnel, technology and information of our clients.




The International Security Centre consolidates and coordinates the efforts of many companies of its founders and partners, which specialise in different areas and are experts in legal, informational, social, economic, financial, IT, PR, GR, HR, CR technologies and in the security field, in order to maximize synergies for the benefit of our customers.


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