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Audit, analysis, consultation


 The Peacemaker International Security Centre employs experts with practical experience in various fields to provide comprehensive auditing of our clients’ businesses and to check the compliance of their facilities and infrastructure to comprehensive security requirements in view of all potential threats.

 Audit results are produced in form of practical recommendations aimed at addressing the identified risks and threats to the integrated security structure of the clients' business.



 At request of our clients, experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre working in different countries carry out analysis of the current political, economic, military, informational, environmental and social situation in a particular region of the world, and develop informational and analytical reports containing objective information on the current situation in the region. Our experts, drawing on the analysis of the current situation, forecast the most probable course of events in a region or locality of interest to our client.

 At request of our clients, we prepare weekly, monthly and annual reports on the situation in a given region or industry.

 Our consultants and experts also produce forecasts of the potential development and relevance of doing business in a specific sector of the economy of a given region of the world.

 At request of our clients, our experts conduct sociological surveys among the personnel of the enterprise or its customers in order to identify problem areas and attitude towards the activities of our clients.



 At request of our clients, experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre provide consultations in the field of security with the aim of developing algorithms and strategies for optimal resolution of crises affecting security, operations and development of our clients' business.

 Furthermore, they advise on a wide range of issues related to conducting business in unstable regions of the world.


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