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The Peacemaker International Security Centre offers consultation workshops and training sessions designed in accordance with unique in-house methods developed by our experts with various experience.


 We organise seminars and trainings in the following areas:


 - Staff training on specific countries and specific national features in preparation for business travel to Africa, Latin America and the Middle East;

- Staff training on recommended behaviour in case of emergency, kidnapping and hostage-taking;

- Staff training on the basic skills of negotiation with terrorists and in the event of kidnapping and hostage-taking, which may be used until the arrival of professionals;

- Executive training on managing risks associated with kidnapping and hostage-taking of employees in third countries;

- Professional training for police and peacekeepers operating under the UN mandate. 


Most of the experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre come from various intelligence agencies. Their knowledge of different regions and various international approaches allows them to utilise their expertise in line with the set objectives.

 At request of government agencies, international or business organizations, experts of the Peacemaker International Security Centre offer a variety of training courses adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

 Furthermore, our Centre carries out certification and auditing of our clients’ guards and security personnel and screens them for professional competence and compliance with the set objectives in the field of security.

 Training is conducted in the training centre of the Max Security Group, which is one of the founders of the Peacemaker International Security Centre.

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